Capullo Cocina Mexicana offers authentic Mexican regional cuisine from the five regions of Mexico. We also have a wine and beer bar with a selection of exceptional wines and a selection of beers from local wineries and local craft beers on tap. We support local farmers, bakeries and vendors and also artisan crafts from Mexico.


Our journey began on 1975 in One of many beautiful towns in Jalisco Mexico el Rincón Jalisco Focusing on the goals of “Quality and Tradition” the company is family operation making each dish in our own kitchens from scratch. Capullo Restaurant has two generations of family member working in this environment “Honor the Customer, Quality Comes First”. Through hard work and dedication, Of our parents Restaurant began building its brand around the idea of delicious and authentic traditional MEXICAN food.

Our parents Every day open their butcher shop before sun rises, without fail, every weekend use to cook Menudo and Barbacoa by the time of the sun rise those two dishes were gone our parents are very well know in our town specially my dad for his generosity and customer service, we are a family of 5, 4 boys and 1 girl, through out the years all of us had been working in this industry and we had learn that is very important to keep the concept of our country and that's the reason that we will be focusing on every region of Mexico we will have dishes of each region of Mexico, Mexico has 6 region very well know and with delicious authentic Mexican food, cocktails, wine and beers lots of flavors to be proud of..